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Capn Jazz


  Cap'n Jazz

Members: Tim Kinsella, Mike Kinsella, Sam Zurick, Davey VonBohlen, Victor Villarreal

Simply put: During the early '90s, the band recorded several singles for tiny independent labels, and also contributed tracks to several indie and emo compilations. In 1995, they issued their first and only album, Shmap'n Shmazz, on the tiny, poorly distributed Man With Gun label; the album also had an incredibly lengthy alternate title, which most fans ignored. It quickly became a collector's item. Not long after its release, Cap'n Jazz disbanded to pursue other projects. In 1998, three years after the band's breakup, the Jade Tree label assembled a generous double-disc Cap'n Jazz retrospective titled Analphabetapolothology. It contained the band's complete recorded works -- the entirety of Shmap'n Shmazz, material from their early singles and split releases, compilation tracks, unreleased demos and outtakes, and several songs from their farewell concert in Chicago.

Cap'n Jazz transformed the indie emo genre - obvious influenced by Fugazi- the amount of bands influenced by Cap'n Jazz continues each and every day. Bands continue to form using lyrics or song titles as their names. Although many have tried very hard to imitate this band - the rare raw energy that went along with Cap'n Jazz is profound. A group of boys at the right place at the right time - together at a time in their lives where it all made sence. They were not trying to be the next big thing - they were not trying to be anything but kids.