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Joan of Arc

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  Joan of Arc

Members: Tim Kinsella, Sam Zurick, Mike Kinsella, Nate Kinsella, Bobby Burg, Jeremy Boyle, Ben Vida, Cale Parks, Matt Clark, Todd Mattei, etc.

Cap'n Jazz broke up - Sam and Mike followed Tim to Joan of Arc - Tim's new center of attention. Adding on Eric Bocek and Jeremy Boyle - each member playing new instruments - you have Method & Sentiment and Busy Bus, Sunny Sun - the first two 7" albums. In 1997 and 1998 Joan of Arc released companion albums A Portable Model Of and How Memory Works. These albums were more of a continuation- a pick up from where Cap'n Jazz left off - with the addition of Jeremy Boyle's electronic blips - fans that were expecting to see Cap'n Jazz were in for a pleasant surprise. THings began to get complicated. Joan of Arc reshaped - Eric Bocek convinced Sam to join Ghosts and Vodka. Mike was doing his own thing - Joan of Arc was a three piece- Jeremy, Tim, and newbie Todd Mattei and then the revolving door began - accompaning the three were a long list of Chicago area talents (including Mike Kinsella on drums on a track or two). 1999 marked the release of the not live album Live in Chicago, 1999. The album was more complicated - it was everything Cap'n Jazz was not. Although many people consider Live in Chicago, 1999 Joan of Arc's greatest album - others see the Godard influence a little too heavy. In 2000 Joan of Arc - adding Matt Clark and Mike Kinsella - relased their most complicated album - The Gap. An additional five contributors helped with this album - an overworked album? Possibly the pivotal release for Joan of Arc - it was either continue going in the direction they were going or head back towards where they came from. It was a tough decision and Tim Kinsella found himself little support - alone he went plural. In 2001 Joan of Arc broke up releasing their final EP How Can Anything So Little Be Any More? A confusing album for some - featuring little children singing- so called "noise" pieces - and stripped down accoustic ballads - leftovers from The Gap. In 2003 Tim Kinsella came back with another laundry list of musicians - releasing So Much Staying Alive and Lovelessness on Jade Tree and In Rape Fantasy and Terror Sex We Trust on Perishable Records. The two albums were suppose to be all released as one entity - Jade Tree were alittle surprised - not sure how they could be - but only agreed to release the "more accessible" songs as So Much Staying Alive and Lovelessness - the rest were released on Califone's label - featuring help from members of Califone - and their influence was evident. Joan of Arc was back - Sam Zurick found his way back - and in 2003 the Rabbit Rabbit split came out on Record Label. Introducing Bobby Burg and Nate Kinsella... slowly Matt Clark and Todd Mattei disappeared... Jeremy Boyle never returned after The Gap- the ever changing Joan of Arc- Tim Kinsella remained the center. Live in Muenster, 2003 was Joan of Arc's first live album that was actually live. Featuring classic songs reconsidered for the stage - the band were able to display how their record work and live stage presence differ. In 2004 Joan of Arc was back in action- releasing their first album as a band since 2001 - was a split with Bundini Brown. The three piece of Tim Kinsella, cousin Nate Kinsella, and Sam Zurick with help from others... including Bobby Burg. Later in 2004 (are you still with us?) Joan of Arc, Dick Cheney, Mark Twain - another transformation. Including numerous musicians- featuring Nate Kinsella - adding so much depth including accordian - Cale Parks - a new record label- Polyvinyl- Joan of Arc was a full-time project again. Presents Guitar Duets featured all the guitarists come back and perform duets - including Jeremy Boyle, Nate Kinsella, Mike Kinsella, Tim Kinsella, Ben Vida, Sam Zurick, Bobby Burg, Tim Rutili, Matt Clark and Todd Mattei. Not a conventional album - but entertaining to say the least. 2006 marked another double release - a collection of rarities on Polyvinl entitled The Intelligent Design of and the new full-length Eventually, All At Once. Eventually, All At Once was much more "folk"- almost a solo album with help- all songs written by Tim Kinsella - showing again that this band was his creative outlet. Eventually, All At Once was recorded at Donna Kinsella's home - Tim's mother. Many Times I've Mistaken was a seven inch released the following year featuring live versions of studio songs - further displaying the versitility of the band. In 2008 Tim's marriage went under and as a response we are left with Boo Human! an intense ride of emotions - jarring at points. And here we are - My Summer-Long High Wipeout - three songs - two solo - one with band - a remake from Boo Human! - we are ready for the next step.