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Decembers Architects

,Apiary Ennui and Curiosas. The Brew Shakes CD

Say and Stay Said Records August 1, 2006

,Apiary Ennui and Curiosas. The Brew Shakes recorded by Nate Kinsella and Ev Olcott at Integral Studio, mixed by Nate Kinsella.

At their inception in 1998, decembers architects tacitly conspired to create music that was structurally iconoclastic yet melodically dulcet. While enduring many roster changes, the band adhered to this vision until disbanding in 2001. During these few years, decembers architects played venues around the Midwest, garnering support from local critics and elder rock icons, bartenders, and mirthful transients. Despite this oftentimes fanatical interest, decembers architects failed to establish any consistent fan base: perhaps due to the somewhat initially challenging nature of their music, coupled with an almost neurotic aversion to self-promotion. After recording a 7 record, two EPs and one unreleased LP entitled , apiary ennui and curiosas. The brew shakes, decembers architects decided to dissolve. During the years past, members of the band received various contacts across the country from people inquiring ferverently about the band and the unreleased record. Many individuals even offered to contribute money to see its release. Such enthusiasm, along with other factors, prompted the members of decembers architects to reconsider the importance of the band and the LP. With almost no deliberation, the Say & Stay Said label (based in Minneapolis) decided to release , apiary ennui and curiosas. The brew shakes in August of 2006.

Track Listing

  1. Living Off the Interest
  2. Miyamoto to My Maidenhead
  3. Peloria
  4. Isadora the Fashion Victim
  5. Gleaming the Cube
  6. Self Induced Priapism Opus
  7. A Brother's Justice
  8. That That
  9. A Hemingway Cat
  10. Band Box Recorder
  11. Nathan, It was Really Nothing
  12. Talent Scout


Tim Cronin - bass, singing
Nathan Holtz - guitar, singing
Nate Kinsella - drums
Mark Swoverland - guitar on tracks 1-9
Jonathan Lundgren - guitar on tracks 10-11