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Owen/City on Film

Split 7"

RedCarsGoFaster Records October 7, 2007

I haven't done a rarities entry in a long time. What the hell is wrong with me? I sincerely apologize. Anyway, today's post contains two tracks from Mike Kinsella, otherwise known by his moniker Owen. Kinsella has been a member of influential Chicago bands such as American Football, Cap'n Jazz, and Joan Of Arc. With Owen, Kinsella creates intensely personal and brutally honest acoustic-based music that has expanded in scope over the years. These two tracks appeared on a 7" split with The City On Film and were released last year on white vinyl with a limited pressing of 500 copies. I'm particularly fond of the lyrics to "Top Shelf," which read: "There wasn't too much to say in the car on the way to our father's funeral/ That hadn't been said and better at that before/ After straightening my tie for the hundredth time, I turned on the radio/ too fitting to find 'Boys Don't Cry' by the Cure/ You sang along but you got the words wrong/ I didn't let on that I knew/ Cause the one thing I learned from dad besides the cheap stuff fucks you up just as much as the stuff on the top shelf does/ Is it doesn't matter what you say or think, or wish you said but didn't say/ Just what you do." Man, I love that

Track Listing

  1. Good Friends, Bad Habits (Owen)
  2. Top Shelf (Owen)
  3. Aurora Galore (City on Film)
  4. Fahrenheit 451 (City on Film)


Mike Kinsella (Owen) - vocals, guitar


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