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The Ivoryton Piano Factory & Friends

Permagrin: The Music of Justin Veatch CD

The Justin Veatch Fund October 20, 2009

The Ivoryton Piano Factory is the pseudonym of Justin Veatch, an aspiring songwriter and musician who died of an accidental drug overdose last September at the age of 17. Although young, Justin left behind a sizeable legacy in his powerful music.
Permagrin is a celebration of Justinís talent -- featuring six of his original recordings as well as covers of his songs by Owen, Hard Calibers (members of Boys Night Out), and other artists who felt compelled to contribute after hearing Justinís story and his music.
All profits from Permagrin will go directly to The Justin Veatch Fund, a non-proft corporation established by Justinís family that awards annual music scholarships and develops programs to support young performing artists and help them avoid the perils of illegal drug use.

Track Listing

  1. ESRT Page 14 (The Ivoryton Piano Factory)
  2. ESRT Page 14 (Owen)
  3. ESRT Page 14 (Hard Calibers)
  4. Clean (The Ivoryton Piano Factory)
  5. Clean (Translated to Onda Pura) (Vinicius Cantuaria)
  6. Can't Afford the Color (The Ivoryton Piano Factory)
  7. Can't Afford the Color (Moving Mountains)
  8. Can't Afford the Color (The Bensen-Scott Big Band)
  9. Jersey City Homecoming (The Ivoryton Piano Factory)
  10. Jersey City Homecoming (Stay Home)
  11. Broken Angel (The Ivoryton Piano Factory)
  12. Whispering Spirits (Caterpillars)
  13. Whispering Spirits (The Ivoryton Piano Factory)
  14. Justin's Song (Anthony Melillo)


Mike Kinsella