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Mata Hari

I Shall Sound My Own Reveille CD


I Shall Sound My Own Reveille recorded at Roll Music by Mata Hari and Justin Morse in 2001. Mixed by Nate Kinsella.

Over the years, Mata Hari--which was formed in early 2001 by members from decembers architects and Building Better Bombs--have learned to accept a wide variety of noise. When I saw them a month ago at the 7th Street Entry, Cronin vocalized a sweetly hypnotic sound equivalent to NyQuil-saturated sleep breathing, Nathan Kinsella and Kai Benson created a spider web of wobbly guitars and synths, and just above the goosebumped skin of the music, two guys behind me announced, "Dude! That girl last night was so hot! Man, I gotta get her number or sumthin'." So much for appreciating subtlety.

Track Listing

  1. When This Bloody War is Over
  2. Jacob Trilogy
    I. Mop Up on Aisle Five
    Your Friends Abuse Their Intercom Privleges
  3. The Fox Hunt
  4. Bottleneck Resonance
  5. Carpenters
  6. Overthrown
  7. The New School
  8. Celexa Mine
  9. Failings of Others
  10. Just Follow the Thing by Talking
  11. Bottleneck Consequence
  12. Silent Nervous System, Silent Blood


Tim Cronin
Nate Kinsella
Kai Benson