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Various Artists

Pop For Charity: Sound Progression CD

DoublePlusGood Records July 31, 2007

This compilation was put together by dpg to benefit the now defunt Minneapolis non-profit, Pop For Charity. Each quarter Pop For Charity selected a local charity and put together shows featuring local artists and then donated the proceeds to that particular charity. I thought their message and the music on the label could mutually benefit by putting together this compilation with the proceeds going to their charity efforts and the bands on my label could gain more exposure. It also allowed me to hand pick a number of artists, local and national, not on the label that I was a fan of and have more people hear these great bands. Think of it as a personal mix tape encompassing all of my favorite styles of music. Many of the bands are no longer, yet many of them have gone on to achieve great success, since it's release in the spring of 2002.

I quickly learned that working with a commitee is a much more difficult task when actually executing it. The process took more than a year and I wound up doing about 90% of the work. Pop For Charity folded about a month after the compilations release and was never properly promoted by them as a result. They did reform about a year ago and and released another entirely local comp. Since then, their site has not been updated and I have no idea as to the status of the organization. My attempts to contact them as to why the Pop For Charity: Sound Progression compilation is not featured or available on their website, have not been resonded to. Curious since, Atmosphere (Epitaph), The Fog (Ninja Tune/Lex), Eyedea (Epitaph), Sage Francis (Epitaph/Lex), Dillinger Four (Fat Wreck Chords), Alan Sparhawk (Sub Pop), Buck 65 (V2), Hamell on Trial (Righteous Babe) and Craig Finn (French Kiss/Vagrant) have gone on to national acclaim. That fact, in itself, demonstrates the frustrating experience I had working with them and probably their website hasn't been updated since last August.

Dispite my difficulties in putting this compilation together, I am extremely proud of the album. I got to work with some of my favorite bands. "A Hawaii of the Mind" by Emperor Penguin is one of my favorite songs of all-time. The last songs released by h.Chinaski, Congratulation on your Decision to Become a Pilot, Emperor Penguin, December's Architects. Anyway, there's a ton of good songs on here. 20 bands, $10, and the proceeds benefit charity.

Track Listing

  1. Dillenger Four - No Voices in the Sky
  2. Spiveys - Spins
  3. Dames, the - Hey Paramedic!
  4. Beautiful Mothers, the - The Last Ones Yet
  5. H.Chinaski - John 747
  6. Congratulations of Your Decision - Tied Up Overhead
  7. Komodo - Take Me Too
  8. Myriapoda - Scary Movies
  9. Hammel on Trial - (You and Your) Big Ideas
  10. Hollow - Lucid
  11. Alan Sparhawk of Low - Sleep Song
  12. Decembers Architects - Pop 1 Remix
  13. Brokerdealer, the - Last Ones Up Become Lovers
  14. Emperor Penguin - A Hawaii of the Mind
  15. Solitude - Def/Konz 5
  16. Non-Prophets - Majority Rule
  17. Buck 65 - Pants-On-Fire
  18. Slug and Eyedea - Forget Me
  19. Breakfast - Formal Princess
  20. Brody - Ghoul Expert


Nathan Holtz - guitar, singing
Nate Kinsella - drums, drum machine
Mark Swoverland - guitar