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Ghosts and Vodka

Precious Blood CD

Sixgunlover Records September 11, 2001

Recorded and Mixed by Elliot Dicks

In light of the grotesque cartoons throughout its lavish packaging and smug titles like "Futuristic Genitalia" and "Hot Dot Above, Tan Man Below," the smart, tightly-coiled instrumental pop which actually comprises Ghosts and Vodka's full-length debut Precious Blood seems almost contradictory. Fusing post-Tortoise guitar abstractions with the energy of emo (GNV's lineup includes alumni of Cap'n Jazz and Joan of Arc), the band's jagged, heady pop approach is undermined by its juvenile trappings -- knows music of this ilk needs a sense of humor, and blowing apart listener expectations is always a good idea, but when an album actually bears the liner-note credo "I want to salt your poop and wear it on my face like a beard," who in their right mind would actually lay down cold, hard cash for the opportunity to hear it? Of course, people who like stuff like Ghosts and Vodka don't actually pay for their records in the first place, but that's beside the point.

Track Listing

  1. Andrea Loves Horses
  2. It's All About Right Then
  3. Good Luck With Your Multiple Personalities
  4. Laser Guided By God
  5. Futuristic Genitalia
  6. Sex Is Popular
  7. Hot Dot Above, Tan Man Below
  8. Is That A Person?
  9. Four Red Brains
  10. Conversational All-Stars
  11. Mechanical Bull Rider
  12. Nicholas Prefers Dinosaurs


Sam Zurick - guitar
Victor Villareal - guitar
Erik Bocek - bass
Scott Shellhamer - drums