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The Rutabega Split CD

Sixgunlover Records June 8, 2004

Three songs from South Bend, Indiana's The Rutabega (aka Josh Hensley) and three songs from our very own Owen (aka Mike Kinsella). Mike even does a solo version of "Never Meant" from his American Football days. Originally released on Backroads Records, but after falling out of print for almost a year, it's been repressed on Polyvinyl.

Track Listing

  1. Fluorescent Funeral (The Rutabega)
  2. Serotonin (The Rutabega)
  3. Buckets Full of Beautiful Things (The Rutabega)
  4. Never Meant (Owen)
  5. Poor Souls (Owen)
  6. May First Brings Lots of Laughs (Owen)


Mike Kinsella (Owen)
Bob Hoffnar - pedal steel (Owen)
Josh Hensley (The Rutabega)


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