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Blake Zweig

Other People Make Me Do This CD

Self-Released July 10, 2006

(Order by E-mailing Blake at bzmusic5@yahoo.com

With self-reported influences ranging from Paul Simon, Ida, and Tori Amos Blake Zweig (ex-Sleeping for Sunrise) delicately plays guitar and sings very sad songs on his 2001 self-released Other People Make Me Do This. His breathy, but clear vocals convey sadness without stereotypical sappyness. Some songs have sparse piano arrangements played by Mike Kinsella (Owen, American Football, etc.). This record is good in a late night, early morning way. Sleepy eyelids and drifting melancholy carry this gem of a record along.

Track Listing

    1. Softer Eyes
    4. Say Goodbye
    11. Who's Going To


Blake Zweig - guitar, vocals
Mike Kinsella - piano (track 1), guitar (track 4), ebow (track 11)