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People Dick


  People Dick (Sam Zurick)

Members: Sam Zurick

Sam spent the years of 1999-2002 in his bedroom- occasionally he would walk to the corner store for a frozen pizza and some zingers. admittedly not the healthiest time of his life, he did manage to compile hundreds of unfinished songs. Flower Power? is 60 minutes of his scattered guitar ideas - the album features the debut of People Dick and a Cap'n Jazz bonus track. Although the moniker of People Dick has remained elusive - a hidden track to The Association of Utopian Hologram Swallowers featured Sam's most recent track as People Dick. Whether a full-length People Dick album will be a thing of the future is uncertain. In 2007 Sam released Cock Uh Doodle Doo - the record is a "day in the life" of Sam's times at Zorthian Ranch outside of Los Angeles, California. A self-released album that featured more than just "guitar ideas" - instead a sound structure that is surprisingly pleasing.